‘‘To be a friend or not to be! That is the question’’

S1. Hana is the only human resident of Moon Street. She lived with 5 different zombies; each of the zombies have a unique basis. They appeared from a graveyard and were affected by a moon. Their names are Zombill, Zomgirl, Zomjack, Zomson, Zomkong, and a bat Zompet.

S2. after all ups and downs, zombiedumbs became friends with the girl, Hana. However, the temporary peaceful time stops with new enemies. They are the 3 Zomboys who want to kick all of them out and take over the Moon Street.

S3. Winky, is a lonely witch who likes flowers but was born with a curse that if she touched the flowers withered to death. Winky, who is seeking eternal life, believes that if she steals the heart of HANA, the only human, she will be able to gain eternal life. Winky trying to catch HANA!

Length:  S1: 60 ep x 3’ / S2: 52 ep x 3’30’’ / S3: 52 ep x 3’30’’

Language: Non dialogue

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