What a circus!


In financing




Animation CGI 3D


Cécile Gabrié & Frank Bertrand


Eric Gutierrez


Guillaume Galliot & Thibaut Chatel (Label Anim)


Great fun in a Circus quite not the usual type!

Bad times at the farm. Dad is ruined, animals are depressed, farm buildings are crumbling. Only 10-year old Zoe is trying to sort everything out. She’s got a brilliant idea. The Fabulous Circus, passing through the area, might stop off at the farm and rent the meadow. For a while, things are going a little better. But bad luck strikes again! The so-called stars (tiger, zebra, panther, giraffe) get sick, so that the « country bumpkins » (cow, sheep, pony, hens) will have to replace them at short notice. Some say it will never work. It’s impossible! And yet… Just beware of these two ugly swindlers hiding behind the circus tent! Haven’t they been pulling the strings from the beginning?

​​When the farm animals are in danger of having their home repossessed they do the unthinkable and replace the suddenly sick circus animals. Watch out for the flying cow on the trapeze!

Length: 82 minutes
Language: English

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