Valentina wants to change

Valentina dreams of becoming a trapeze artist but believes she will never be able to make it because she has Down’s syndrome. Her grandmother — who teaches her to play chess and sing a lot of songs — always encourages her to never give up: If caterpillars can to turn into butterflies, nothing is impossible. We must never feel disenchanted nor lose the desire to learn; look at me, I’m still determined to be an orchestra conductor one day!

But Valentina is not very convinced, she thinks that a worm is too disgusting to become a butterfly… What is this metamorphosis that Grandmother talks about like? When she is about to ask her, Mum and Dad give her some disconcerting news: Grandmother went away on a trip. Away on a trip? Without even saying goodbye?!

Accompanied by her inseparable mouse, Chiqui, and the fun team on her chessboard, Valentina embarks on a thrilling musical adventure in search of Grandmother, travelling through beautiful places to the sound of the songs they used to sing together. The journey will make her learn to choose what she wants and go for it, but always being herself. She also finds out that Grandmother lives happily because she finally conducts her wonderful orchestra (she made it!).

Length: 65 minutes
Language: Spanish OV