An epic adventure fantasy series, about Luke, a time traveler!

After his grandfather’s disappearance,vhe embarks together with his friendvJean on an exciting time travelvadventure in order to protect unique relics from ancient civilizations, and vultimately find his grandfather. They will discover Tutankhamun’s ancient Egypt, and witness Pompeii’s last days. They will roam through the streets of Paris, the palace of Angkor Wat, and travel to London and the Great Wall of China. Luke and Jean travel always to the past and will meet historical figures along the way, such as Joan of Arcand Isaac Newton.

10 mini-series set around one specific mission and one main location such as Egypt, France, India, Greece, etc. Each mini-series has a beginning and an end, and is comprised of 5 eleven minutes episode, each with thrilling cliffhangers, leaving the audience in suspense and anxious to see more.

Each of the 10 mini-series can be packaged as a 55 minutes special or TV movie revolving around one adventure, such as the last days of Pompeii.

Length: 10 mini-series (5×11’) or 52×11’

Language: English, Neutral Spanish

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