There is a first time for everything: whether you are a floating head, a bee, a half human, a troll or a blabbering rock. In Polinopolis, an incredibly diverse group of friends face their first experiences in life, in bizarre and far out ways. Just as bizarre and far out as the town they live in!

Do you remember the first time you saw a scary movie, or the first time you spoke to the person you fancied? And what about that time you tried to train a wild “cabrigeon”, or got caught in the bandages of a mummified princess? Every first time is special in its own way and will be remembered for a lifetime. Yuca, Milo and their friends are at that age of experiencing many things for the first time… but in a place as peculiar as Polinopolis, these experiences can be surprisingly strange and funny. The town’s rich past is very much present in their everyday life, not only by its haunted architecture but also by a diverse and unusual population.

Length: 52 Episodes x 11 minutes

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