A snotty and funny story from the chaos in Lotta’s crazy everyday life.

Lotta and Cheyenne, both 11 years old, are BFFs (best friends forever)! Together with their other friend Paul, who has a really awesome treehouse, they have a very cool Gang called “The Wild Rabbits”. Everything would be great if it wasn’t for the selfproclaimed IT-girl Berenike and her stupid friends. To make matters worse, Berenike is now having a super-glamorous birthday party to which everyone is invited – except for Lotta and Cheyenne. Even Paul got invited! The two girls are not going to put up with that and start to work out a master plan on how to score an invitation. Unfortunately, this only leads to tension and accusations between the girls – and still there is no invite. But Lotta wouldn’t be Lotta, if she would give up so easily: did they not accidently bump into the famous teen star Marlon the other day? If he were to tag along, Berenike would surely be thrilled to let them join the party…

Length: 93 minutes
Language: German with English subtitles