A story of daring and boundless imagination, determination and passion, courage and friendship.

The universe must have lots of mistakes, thinks ten-year-old Matti. Otherwise people would be much happier. His father Sulo wouldn’t be a bus driver but a computer game developer, just like he dreams of being. His mother wouldn’t have to resent her bad-tempered boss at the doctor’s office anymore. And Matti himself would have taken a vacation with his family in Sulo’s home country, Finland, a long time ago.

So Matti decides to help fortune out a little bit by inventing a lottery prize. He actually manages to lure Mama, Papa and his little brother Sami to Finland. But because big, fat lies usually have unforeseen consequences, the family suddenly finds itself in the middle of the Finnish Pampas with no money, no roof over their heads and no car keys. Now Matti urgently needs a miracle. But is the universe responsible for such things?

Length: 95 minutes
Language: English