Rooted in a universe that captures the imagination and promises magic, comedy and adventure, MANDALA is a story that children and parents alike will enjoy!

Mandala tells the tale of how an ancient steel box affects the lives of four children – two from our day and two from the distant past. Nani brings an ancient box from India for her granddaughter Nisha (10), warning her and her friend Albert (10) never to open it. Nani explains: Centuries ago in Mandala, King Sarayan and Queen Vana oppress the people. Arjuna (14) and Sati (14), guided by Ganou a tiny elephant with magic powers, set out to change that. Little do they realize that Queen Vana is in fact the evil Tiger Demon who escaped from imprisonment in the steel box and now seeks revenge on humanity. There is a great struggleby working together and following Mandala’s guiding principles of Knowledge, Justice and Balance, the trio force the Tiger Demon back into the steel box prison forever – or until our own time when Nisha and Albert open it out of curiosity! This calls Ganou to the present – proving the veracity of the story – ready to travel the path of Knowledge, Justice and Balance with Nisha and Albert.

Length: 82 minutes
Language: English

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