Rooted in a universe that captures the imagination and promises magic, comedy and adventure, MANDALA is a story that children and parents alike will enjoy!

Raised as a street urchin, Arjuna daydreams about saving the great city of Mandala and becoming a hero. He divides his time between learning a dance from the hermit Dalsim and playing with Ganou, a very small, very chubby, and very talkative elephant. That’s right, a magical talking elephant sent to the city to find the special child who can stop the evil queen Vana from threatening the children from the city of Mandala. After meeting Shami, a young girl from the Upper City, Arjuna’s course of life is changed and it propels him towards his destiny, to fight and defeat the Tiger-Demon disguised as Vana who wiped out the Royal family and now rules ruthlessly over Mandala. Vana tirelessly pursues Arjuna with the intention of destroying him because he is the one and only legitimate Prince of the Great City!  Aided by Ganou, Arjuna’s one advantage is the understanding that Knowledge leads to Justice which opens the door to Harmony and restores Balance. This advantage is the only hope they must save and protect everyone on Earth from Vana’s shadow armies!

Length: 82 minutes
Language: English

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