Rooted in a universe that captures the imagination and promises comedy, adventure and magic, MANDALA is a story about how to live all together in harmony that children and parents alike will enjoy!

There are neither lies or injustices in Mandala, the marvellous city of Harmony. Its younger generation is exemplified by Sati, an energetic and studious girl. Arjuna is a spirited boy who likes to explore the world around him. He and his family have just arrived in town, refugees from a climate disaster. But the King upsets their new beginning shattering Mandala’s Harmony. Powerless to save his Queen from a serious illness, the King indeed frees an ancient evil force (the Tigress Demon) from its prison with the intention of harnessing the creature’s magic to heal the Queen. The gods, in their cloud palace in the sky, worry and send a tiny elephant with a long trunk (Ganou) in order to find and advise a child who can save the Harmony and Mandala itself.

Length: 82 minutes
Language: English

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