The series Jo the Marine Explorer is adapted from two books by Boucar Diouf: “Le Brunissement des Baleines Blanches” & “Jo Groënland et la Route du Nord”.

This is a story about a seal named Jo who has retired from the circus. Recently set free after a life in captivity, Jo the harp seal is brought back to nature and must learn, in Sagata, the harsh reality of life in the wild, surrounded by his new friends: Globi the engaged beluga and super-anxious orca Tim.
During their comical adventures, Jo, Globi and Tim will discover the impact of their actions and of the presence of humans on the fragile natural world, where everything is interconnected. And every time something gets disturbed in Sagata, the trio will strive, with humour, to restore the balance everyone needs and teach us more about the underwater world!

Length: 52×11 minutes
Language: English
Audience: 4 to 9 years old

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