Welcome to Butterfly Academy! It’s a school…without all the boring stuff! It’s a classroom like no other, just beyond the windswept meadow, under the bow of the old Maple, with tall stalks of colorful flowers gently swaying in the distance.

A place where young Monarchs learn to become the best butterflies they can be! And that’s no easy task! They have to engage in flight training, navigations skills and grasp unstable weather conditions. They’ll discover how to spread pollen, how to recognize wildflowers and, of course, gain knowledge about how best to prepare for their great migration! But it’s what happens before and after class when the real learning is done.
This is where our kids understand more about themselves, navigating young life, through blossoming friendships, and occasional differences. They learn to deal with challenges, insecurities, jealousies, and unexpected triumphs. And better still, while they learn about themselves, we’ll learn powerful ecological messages about the value of Monarch butterflies and their environment.
At the Academy, meet PATRICK, an over-optimistic, disabled Monarch who is learning how to embrace his difference, MARTY, a goofy caterpillar keen to transform into a butterfly like everyone else around him and LILY, the empathic best friend of JENNIFER, the brains of this foursome who never lets her guard down.

Length: 52×11 minutes
Language: English

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